Zach Russell

I am an entrepreneur obsessed with growing businesses through technology. With a strong background in both software development and SEO, I approach problems from both a marketing and tech point of view to deliver measurable results.

ProTech Internet Group

In 2011 I decided to give being my own boss a try and started ProTech Internet Group. I started small, building websites for people on eLance and quickly gained a working knowledge of WordPress. Since then I have nurtured ProTech into a thriving business with a team of 5, and an aggressive growth outlook for the next several years.


While doing gigs at eLance I learned that WordPress was a very in-demand skill. I quickly learned as much as I could about building custom themes & plugins as well as how to troubleshoot common errors.

About 50% of the work I do now is using WordPress in some way. I do a good amount of custom theme and plugin development and I have taken a keen interest in working with the WP-API.

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I started dabbling with SEO when I was 17. A family friend ran a home improvement company and was paying an agency what seemed like an outrageous amount of money, and was getting no results. As an inquisitive person, I thought I could learn SEO and help them out. It worked! Over the course of the summer I was able to get them ranked at the top for top searches throughout the whole region. This helped me come to the realization that I could offer this to other businesses.

I have grown immensely in my knowledge about SEO and have specialized in Technical SEO. I have spoken at several local events about SEO and have done a collaboration webinar with SEMRush.

Currently, I am the primary Technical SEO consultant for both Under Armour and MyFitnessPal. In this capacity I have helped them identify critial issues and recouping millions of dollars in lost revenues as well as implement automated tooling to help them identify SEO errors before they launch.

In the future, I plan to release my own SEO tools and courses based on my experience to help other digital marketers do their job more effectively.

My Personal Life

I am a proud Philly native currently living in Northern Liberties with my fiancee Moriah and our 3 cats; Greedo, Sterling, and Catty. I enjoy cooking and playing video games - mostly League of Legends of late.