Moz Deleted all of my Campaigns

I have been a satisfied  Moz customer  for years, but their decision to delete all of my campaign data without notice is a serious problem.campaigns-lost

I last logged into Moz on Wednesday to export a competitive domain analysis report for a presentation later that afternoon. Today (Friday) I logged in and saw a notification saying that my account was temporarily suspended and that I needed to update my payment information. They suspended my account without prior notice, email or otherwise. Every other software company i’ve used will send me an email notification stating that there was a billing issue and at least give some sort of grace period to make a payment.  I don’t know if there was an issue processing my card, because when I went to update my billing information the page stated that they recently switched payment processors. My last payment to Moz was on August 27th.

Once I entered my payment information was entered I was redirected to the campaigns page, only to find that all of my previous campaign information was deleted with no hints as to why they were removed or how I can get them back.

It is now Monday morning and I have gotten no communication from Moz. I am really disappointed with this entire situation, especially because I have clients who rely on reports made from Moz campaigns to run their businesses. I will now have to get this data from other sources. I really hope that no one else has experienced this, because this is a serious issue.


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    Hey Zachary! The magic of social media brought me to your post and I want to apologize for any confusion. When we run into payment issues we do suspend accounts and archive your campaigns which can be re-activated as soon as you regain access to your account. The email you received on 9/26 about your suspension and campaign status contains a direct link to your dashboard that will allow you to re-activate them:

    Go to your Campaigns section:
    At the top of the page there is a “Archived Campaigns” Tab, give it a click.
    From here, you should easily be able to “activate” your campaigns.

    Hope this helps and if you ever need anything please email us at!


    David Lee
    Moz Help Team

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    I have to say, it’s pretty awesome that they found your blog post and were able to contact you directly. Heck, I found it via Google Plus (probably the first thing I’ve ever found on G+ lol)

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